What the Hell is Wrong with PETA?

First they did their “Save the Whales” campaign:

In a press release their Vice President, Tracy Reiman, said “Trying to hide your thunder thighs and balloon belly is no day at the beach…”

She made a funny. Isn’t she clever?

Then their President, Ingrid Newkirk, actually put the following two phrases in the same blog talking about the billboard campaign (which they eventually took down due to public outcry)

“…our children, many of whom are now so fat themselves that “teeter-totter” has come to describe their wobbly gait…:

“PETA’s billboard was fueled by a healthy respect… for our own species’s potential to be kind and healthy.”

Apparently Ingrid thinks that living up to her potential to be kind includes shaming children.

Today I saw their latest ad:

Here I was wrestling with questions about whether or not the body scans are a human rights violation, and if they can cause cancer.  Thanks to PETA I now know that what I really should be concerned about is whether or not I am stereotypically hot enough in my body scan.  I guess it’s the pat down for me.  In other news, apparently going vegan gives you giant boobs.

Happily the ad was turned down by major airports and Southwest Airlines.

Look, I like animals a lot but I don’t think that in order to be for animals you need to also be for body shaming. In fact, it seems almost diametrically opposed.  Why would you want to protect animals but treat people like crap?  Although she has said it, I do not believe that Ingrid thinks this kind of thing is just the “tough love” us fatties need.  I think that she said – Oh look, the diet industry makes $60 Billion a year using shame, guilt and fear, how can we get some of that action?”

There are plenty of local and National groups that manage to have compassion for animals and people at the same time. It’s not that hard.  If PETA can’t get that done then I don’t know what they hell is wrong with them but I hope they go the way of the Dodo.

20 thoughts on “What the Hell is Wrong with PETA?

  1. Great post, and yet another slam from an organization that makes me want to not leave my house (but I’m going to, anyway).

    Having said that…

    “In other news, apparently going vegan gives you giant boobs.”

    LOL!!! And by the way, having babies will do that, too. As a bonus, they’re also saggy and covered with stretch marks. I’ve become an expert at seeking and finding good bras. 🙂


    1. Glad that you liked the post. This organization makes me WANT to leave the house and go walk a dog and donate to my local SPCA! Maybe you can start a bra consulting business for post-pregnancy breasts…

    1. That is a great blog! I can’t imagine making a life choice like veganism because I wanted to look hot in a bikini. Sigh.

  2. I am so sick and tired of seeing naked and semi-naked women everywhere I look, whether they’re fat, thin, or somewhere in between. And whether they have heads in the photo or not. Could we please see more images of strong, self-confident women with their clothes on? (Answer: probably not.)

    Based on what I’ve read, I think it’s questionable whether PETA really do care about animals. For example, “Despite its constant moralizing about the ‘unethical’ treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers, and countless other Americans, PETA has killed over 14,400 dogs and cats at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. During 2005, PETA put to death over 90 percent of the animals it collected from members of the public.” (Source: Seven things you didn’t know about PETA)

    Not that I could say what they are for, of course…

    1. Agreed. Maybe we will become so saturated that naked women will stop being an effective marketing tool? I’m pretty unimpressed with PETA and the article you sited is really interesting. I saw several reports that when rescue organizations wanted to work on rehabilitating Michael Vick’s pitbulls PETA said that they were “unsalvageable” and should all be put down. They were almost all rehabilitated and are living happy lives with happy families.

      1. Oh yeah, they’re all for pitbull genocide. And they hate no-kills. Lol, I’ve been banned from their PETA2 boards three times now, for stating “controversial” opinions. The last time I got banned was the absolute last straw (for me), because the admin. wrote me the most condescending letter, talking-down to me about how “societies in which women have the right to show more skin are the societies in which women are the most free, sweetheart” tone… justifying their exploitation of women and even throwing in some Middle Eastern xenophobia (as in, “They cover their women up over their; therefore, the Western world’s track record with women’s rights is just sooo much better” *eyeroll*). Because in a society in which we are “free” to show our skin, there’s no pressure, huh? And no pressure, with that, to be perfect? No, right, didn’t think so. Goodnush.

        I absolutely hate seeing veganism marketed as a weight-loss program as well. It’s a lifestyle choice — one to reduce the cruelty in the world as much as you can. I’m a naturally thin girl, and because of the “vegan = skinny!” stereotype that I strongly believe PETA is largely responsible for, I get a lot of, “Look at that bitch, she’s so skinny, I bet she’s anorexic, don’tcha know she’s vegan?” bullshit on the daily. I once wrote to PETA (I was about 14 at the time), reasonably (imo) stating that they should rethink their tactics because I really don’t believe they think out how it will affect real-life activists. Because, in addition, to the skinny vegan bitch hate slurs, I get sexually harassed rather a lot, with things like, “Yeah, you can eat MY meat, sweetie, there’s your protein…” and asked by people of the opposite sex if they get penetrate me with various phallic veggies (*pokes* PETA’s ridiculous counterintuitive Superbowl ads). And of course, I got the reply that what they’re doing is good because it gets the message out, that what I go through because of their idiocy doesn’t matter, and the general tone of “well, if it frees animals, fuck the womenfolk”. >.<

        They also frequently exploit lesbianism and use women from the porn industry as their spokespeople… and lots of naked ads in which the women get naked and act sexy rather than TALKING LIKE INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING ABOUT VEGANISM.

        Whoo, this topic has got me fired up tonight, lol!

  3. Those PETA ads are truly tasteless. It’s a shame that we can’t all just accept each other’s differences in all of their myriad forms.

    1. Agreed. I find it especially egregious when a non-profit that is supposedly based on compassion takes part in this sort of thing.

  4. PETA is not an ethical organization. This sort of disrespect from them does not surprise me in the slightest. What can be proven about them is bad enough; what is rumored is inexcusable.

  5. This was written in a rant. I apologize upfront for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

    This is just another notch in my, “I think PETA is crazy!” belt. A while back I ordered some free stickers from PETA, when they launched the sea kittens campaign (to discourage people from eating fish, they were calling fish sea kittens). I thought I’d be getting some cute stickers of fish with whiskers and cat ears drawn on….NOOOO! They were scary! Ronald McDonald with a butcher knife and blood dripping off of it. Recently ordered some comics from PETA Kids, they were HORRIBLE and SAD! Had things like a chained up momma dog, and all of her puppies die. WHO’s kids are reading this! This is my last straw with PETA, I think they have lost their dang mind(s)! The vegan lifestyle = big boobs line was GREAT!

    1. Yikes! I’m not marketing expert but I don’t understand how giving kids nightmares or making them cry really helps anybody’s cause…

  6. Oh, jeesh. I hate that, as a vegan, I get associated with that shithole organization. Like, word association games, it’s like, “animal rights — oh, PETA!”. I hate it. Please don’t think we (vegans) are all like this, because we’re not.

    PETA seriously needs to work on it’s PR department. They are an unapologetically condescending, hypocritical, speciesist, classist, racist, sexis, and sizist “nonprofit”. Totally shameless, totally corrupt. Though I will admit that, as a 12-year-old, they were the group that introduced me to animal rights. Once I got educated about the movement, I was able to sit back and realize that PETA is absolute bullshit, and honestly, I would not even consider them an animal rights organization. What they are is some “new welfare” crap.

    I feel so ashamed (even though I really have no reason to be, since I’m not a PETA member and vegan /=/ PETA-crazy) when these ads come out. I’m so pissed at having to constantly inform ignorant people that they are NOT the animal rights movement, and so pisse at being associated with them.

    And I’m in no way saying that you are ignorant, just that many people *are*.

    Anyway, there are fat vegans. Being vegan will not make you magically endowed in the breast department, nor will it slim you down and tone you up any more than NutriSystem will. So as a 15yo bag o’ bones, flat-chested, *real* ARA who objects to fat-shaming and the objectification and dehumanization of women to get the point across, I say, FUCK YOU, PETA.

    Someone needs to get the message ou that all press is not in fact good press, PETA. Jeesh. So sorry.

  7. There is nothing at all ethical about PETA. They operate slaughter houses for the animals that they “rescue”, they have dubious financial dealings, lining the pockets of those at the top of the organisation, use unethical methods of PR/promotion/marketing, and operate on a tactic of bullying and shame.

    If you haven’t seen it, watch the episode of Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit!” devoted to them.

  8. Ugh! So I still receive e-mails from PETA (I’ve never bothered to get off their list), and I just logged into my e-mail, and my latest breaking e-news from them has this subject line: Who Is the Latest Celebrity to Get Naked for PETA. [!!!] SERIOUSLY. Just, REALLY, PETA? REEEEALLY? *seethes in the corner*

    It’s somebody named Chad Ochocinco, just by the way. Whoever the hell that is. (That’s another reason they use to justify their naked ladies campaigns — “But men do them, too, you silly little girl!”)

    And on a more ironic note? Another thing mentioned in that e-mail? “Help Pit Bulls in Need: Pit bulls are the most abused dogs on earth [which is why you advocate their genocide…? I don’t follow]. They often suffer from homelessness and abuse, and they need your help [read: WE need your money, bitches!]. Read more about PETA’s program *to improve the lives of pit bulls* [sic].” (emphasis mine) Just thought that was funny as hell — had to share.

  9. Ope! I stand corrected. Mr. Ochocinco is (apparently) a player on the Cincinatti Bengals team. I don’t follow football, sorry. Either way, that’s GOT to be MUCH more effective — watching famous peeps strip down — in the vegan fight than, y’know, actually PRESENTING PEOPLE WITH *FACTS*. *sighroll*

  10. Ingrid Newkirk needs to shut the front door. How insulting is that “save the whales” billboard. There are fat vegetarians too. This nut job calls people who try to give companion animals a home “hoarders.” She seems to despise animals such as cats and dogs–who have no natural habitat, BTW, and are completely dependent on people for their well-being.
    Maybe we should save the cats and dogs and harpoon Ingrid Newkirk.
    I am not completely against PETA. They do some good things, such as exposing the horrific abuse of the poor ducks and geese used to make foie gras, and the abuse of circus animals and lab animals. But their ridiculous naked celebrity campaigns certainly lower their credibility in my eyes.

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