We Interrupt this Body Positivity…

To bring you stand up comedy!  I did my second open mic night and a friend recorded it for me.  It went ok, there’s a lot that I will improve. and yes I’ll consider slowing my speech a little.  Until then, I am marking the occasion here (fair warning – there is definitely some swearing).  It does contains the story of my mom selling me for air conditioners…)

11 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Body Positivity…

  1. So much talent in one woman! Very impressive that you could fit so much funny into so little time! I was laughing out loud while watching the video!

  2. You have a good routine, funny and enjoyable. In addition to slowing down, I’d recommend trying to lower your voice slightly, not a lot, not like you’re imitating a guy, but just a tone. It will help you regulate your speed if you’re also thinking about tone. Might help with jitters, too, if you have much stage fright.

    You are quite talented, though. I’d like to see you on TV. Right now, you’re better than a lot of the comics I see on Tonight Show spots.

    1. Wow, thank you very much. Interesting thought about lowering my voice – I hadn’t considered that. I’ll have to practice. It gets interpreted as stage fright but that’s not it – I just talk extremely fast naturally. When I’m not in a conversation with someone to slow me down, I then to revert to my natural speed of communication which is what you hear. Great advice, I really appreciate it 🙂


  3. I just found this when cleaning out my email. You did a wonderful job! Seriously! I am so impressed with you. And that you bring in the same value as a princess!

    xo Susie

  4. So, I’m going through and reading all your blogs, such a wealth of information, I don’t want to miss anything! Anyway, I loved this video. Cracked me up. Makes me you’re not in Austin anymore so I could catch a live show.

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