My Feet Hurt Today…

Yesterday I was the guest blogger on EatTheDamnCake, one of my favorite blogs.  You can scoot on over there to check out my post and then I highly suggest hanging out and reading.  If you’re really good, I’ll have a special surprise for you tomorrow…

Just click here to be whisked away…

3 thoughts on “My Feet Hurt Today…

    1. Hi Wei-Wei,

      Thank you so much, glad that you liked the post! Welcome to my blog 🙂 I checked out yours and well and it’s great (I’m a horrible cook so it was nice to live vicariously!) ~Ragen

      1. Ragen,

        Once again, your words have made a lasting impact on my husband and me. We appreciate you sharing your personal experience and making it into a teachable moment.Thank you for the real life education.


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