Dealing at the Doctor’s Office

The time that I’ve spent at the doctor’s office hasn’t been all rainbows and fluffy bunnies.  I’ve heard from plenty of other people who’ve had a similar experience.  So I’ve written a little free e-book with tips, tricks and scripting to help people get through their doctor’s appointments with their humor, dignity and sanity intact.

Download it for Free (there’s also a little excerpt below if you want to try before you download for free)

Here’s that excerpt I promised:

You deserve to be treated with respect by everyone you ever meet, every minute of every day.

Does that mean that everyone will treat you with respect?  No.

What is important is that you remember that the way they choose to behave and treat you is a reflection of them and not you.  You do not have to let it affect your self-esteem or your standards for how people treat you.

How you choose to deal with it is up to you, but I find it helpful to keep in mind that everyone deserves the same respect that I do.  I notice that if I strive to treat others with respect all the time, even if they don’t seem to “deserve” it, I feel more empowered – and more in integrity – all the time.  That makes it easier for me to insist that I be treated respectfully….

When you see the doctor

Be ready to state what you are coming to see them for, be ready to deflect anything that isn’t relevant to that.

  • Dr:  Well, at your weight we should talk about diabetes
  • You:  Thank you for your concern, I really appreciate it.  However, I am coming here to talk about the pain in my hand.  I know that you are busy and we have limited time and so my hand is what I would like to focus all of our time on today.

Do not accept a diagnosis of “fat”

  • Dr:  Well, that knee pain is probably due to extra weight.
  • You:  Thank you for sharing that possibility.  All the same, I’d like you to run the tests as though I’m a thin person complaining of the same problem.  If there are no other issues then we can consider the possibility that it may be the combination of my weight and muscle strength.

Want more?  Download the full book for Free

5 thoughts on “Dealing at the Doctor’s Office

  1. Many years ago, before I had the confidence that I carry now, I went in for advanced tests on my knee. The MRI doc walked in, looked at me, said, “You’re too fat, loose weight.” and was never seen again. That’s when I dropped my HMO.

    I later saw a sports surgeon who found severed GENETIC degeneration in my knee and did laproscopic surgery… pooof… I could walk again, even though I was still fat (it’s a miracle!).

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