Fat Barbie!!!

I recently saw this picture in a magazine and thought OMIGOD they sell fat Barbie, I want to buy a fat Barbie.

It turns out it’s actually an anti-obesity ad (Oh Noes, DEATHFAT IS COMING FOR YOU!!!!).  The tagline of the ad is "Keep obesity away from your children".  There is another one with a fat superhero and one with fat pirates. 

I think it’s a bit irritating but it’s mostly just bad advertising.  What is the primary take-away?  Are parents meant to look at this and think "Oh no, little Johnny could grow up to be a fat pirate!"  Or are you not supposed to buy your kids toys that represent  people with bigger bodies – oh, wait, these toys don’t exist.  You can, however, purchase a Barbie Doll whose proportions are actually physically impossible to achieve, that ought to be great for your daughter.

And what do they mean "keep obesity away?"  Obesity isn’t like a big giant ball of fat that chases after your kids that you swat away.  What the crap?

And can we Please PLEASE  for-the-love-of-all-that-is-holy PUHLEASE be for health instead of against obesity?  I’m not a thin woman covered in fat.  I am a fat woman and so the war on obesity is a war against me and others who look like me.  We haven’t had a ton of success in wars against stuff lately, how about we try a push for what we want?

At least this gave me a really cool new LJ Icon.

6 thoughts on “Fat Barbie!!!

  1. There was a “Fat Barbie” ad awhile back that I loved. The Body Shop (one of my FAVORITE cosmetics companies, btw) had a Reubenesque Barbie-type character named Ruby in an ad that said “There are three billion women in the world that don’t look like supermodels and only eight who do – know your mind, love your body”. Of course, Mattel sent them a cease and desist and they had to pull it. It bummed me out because that was probably one of the most size-positive ad campaigns I’d ever seen.

    Here’s a link to Body Shop founder Anita Roddick’s (RIP) blog on the ad and her relationship with the beauty industry: http://www.anitaroddick.com/readmore.php?sid=13

  2. The Body Shop advertised with a fat Barbie-style doll named Ruby for a brief stretch in the ’90s. They were, of course, sued by Mattel. But, there was a huge clamor for the doll, who was proportion to be a 5’2″ size 18.

  3. Fat Barbie looks awesome and now I want her. Probably to beat the crap out of evil things, or be a mage and throw fireballs at evil things. But whatever, she is awesome and they should sell her, or at least sell somebody who isn’t physically impossible.

  4. Can we at least get the name and contact of the manufacturer for “RUBY” so those interested can have one or more made? There is a market for this, believe me! Times are changing and people are waking up!

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