Apparently there is a two-for-one special on Bigots this week. Awesome

I was asked to have a “one-on-one” which is a common networking meeting where each person spends about 15 minutes talking about themselves and their business.  There is no attempt to sell- the object is just to get to know each other.  The woman who asked me for the meeting works for an insurance company but has a passion for gourmet cooking (she is French).  When we sat down for the meeting she said to me “I’ve been nervous about having a one on one with you because, if it goes well and we become friends, I’m going to be on you about your eating until you lose weight”.

Wait… what?  Am I being Punked?

So I smiled and said “Well, I would never be friends with someone who behaved that way so you don’t have to worry about it”.

What.   The.  F.  Someone had a big bowl of Crazy Flakes the morning…

My studio is bringing in a dance instructor named Ronnie DeBenedetta.  He is a master’s level dancer which means that he and his partner are the best of the best.  For the past three years, their routine has been him coming out and talking about how he met  a girl online who said that she was tall and blond and a great dancer.  Then his partner comes out in a fat suit behind him.  When he turns around and sees her he is obviously distressed.  She proceeds to dance poorly and slowly and get stuck etc.  Then, she goes backstage and changed out of the fat suit and suddenly she is beautiful and a fabulous dancer.  Now, I understand how some people think that it’s funny but at the end of the day, these are the best of the best in our art- the people who create a standing room only crowd, and they choose to use that forum to make fun of fat people for a cheap laugh instead of being a couple that people can look up to, I’m a little angry but I’m mostly disappointed.

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