Children and TED talks

I have become addicted to the TED talks.  In one on education and creativity, I heard the following two stories:

The speakers son was in a nativity play when he was 4 years old.  He was playing Joseph and the three wise men came in out of order. 
The first one said:  I bring you Gold.
The second one said:  I bring you Myhr.
The third one said:  Frank sent this.

A little girl who normally did not pay attention in class was suddenly extremely attentive to a drawing lesson.  The teacher, intrigued, walked up to her and said "What are you drawing?"
The little girl said "I’m drawing god".
The teacher said "But, nobody knows what god looks like…"
Without looking up the girl said "They will in a minute."

His point was that children aren’t afraid to give something a go, even if they have no idea what they are doing – they aren’t afraid to be wrong.  He punctuated this by saying "If you’re not willing to be wrong, you will never create anything original".

Fascinating and true…no?

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