The Road to Hell is Paved with Interval Training

The ankle that I injured so badly at Nationals is finally healed. Had I believed the doctor when he said "The only thing that will fix this is surgery" I would just be able to start walking now, as opposed to the painfree existence that I’ve been leading and the full-time dancing I’ve been doing now since April. Yay "alternative" healing arts. Now that the crisis is averted I am working on fixing all of the imbalances I created from favoring the right ankle. According to the chiro. my shoulders twist two inches to the left and my hips twist two inches to the right. It would seem that the pesky back pain that I’ve been feeling is the direct result of my back serving as if it is the middle of a washcloth that is being wrung out. Lovely. The fixing began today and already I have more freedom of movement.

Now begins the road back to dancing form. Part of my rehab was staying off the ankle as much as possible – that meant no weight bearing cardio. I tried swimming but the flexion required of the ankles caused me to be in pain so that was out as well. I find myself woefully out of shape and a bit desperate to get back into dancing shape. My coach is frustrated with my level of conditioning and I can’t blame him but unfortunately disappointment does not capillaries build. I keep hearing the old adage "We may not be the best [insert sport} team, but we will be the best conditioned".

I’ve started doing HIIT at the gym which I’ve found to be the fastest way to build cardio but it is difficult.

Cast me gently
into morning.
For the night has been

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