Making my entrance again, with my usual flair

I completed the first competition of the year. Because of the ankle inujury after Nationals I haven’t been able to dance for some time. I ended up learning the intermediate two-step in four lessons and put it on the floor. I got gold. Judges told my coach that I was great. A pro I’ve never met before told me that I was “spectacular”. The event was extremely difficult – I literally only danced my two-step so counting the warm-up I danced for two minutes the entire weekend. The rest of the weekend was spent watching other people dance and watching TV in the room when that got too depressing.

I watched division II (which is where my ex-partner and I would have danced) and I can’t help being glad that we weren’t dancing. It would have just been a spectacular kicking of our asses. We were not at the point with choreography that we could have competed – we would have looked like two uncoordinated kids who stumbled onto the floor wearing glitter.

I also got to watch my coach compete with his new partner. I actually teared up. He was so completely amazing – I’ve never seen him like that. I kept sitting there thinking “I can’t believe that I get to dance with this guy”. I literally walk out on the floor with one of the best male country western dancers in the world. How freaking cool is that. It really renewed my zeal to compete because I can be that good. I’ve chosen to move slowly for two years and this is my year to go out and get it. I’m really excited.

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