Celebrating Black Fat Activists

A few nights ago I had a case of blogger’s block and I asked Facebook for topic suggestions.

Tigress Osborn suggested “Black History Month and the Black fat activists and the advocates for fat visibility who don’t get the same opportunities as our white counterparts.”

Mél Monheaux suggested “The black history of body positivity.”

I want to start by acknowledging and appreciating their generous labor in making those suggestions.

I benefit from white privilege in every aspect of my life, including in my work as a fat activist. One thing that’s been asked by many Black folks in the movement is that those who wish to work in solidarity to dismantle racism use our spaces to center the work and voices of Black activists. For that reason, I’ll only be linking to the work of Black folks, without diluting their work with my (inherently privileged) perspective. I also want to acknowledge that no community is a monolith, and apologize in advance for any perspectives that are missing here. I welcome others to add links to the work of Black fat/body positive activists in the comments.

For white readers, I also ask that you not only read the work linked below, but also follow those doing the work, seek out ways to center their work in your spaces, and pay them. I also ask that you keep your comments to linking to the work of Black fat/body positive activists only.

The Body Positive Movement Both Takes From And Erases Fat Black Women

Stop Excluding Black Women From The Fat Acceptance Movements

Weighting To Be Seen: Being Fat, Black, and Invisible in Body Positivity

Wear Your Voice Magazine’s #BodyPositivityInColor Series

Yoga Star Jessamyn Stanley Talks Queerness, Fat Acceptance, and Deleting Social Media

Black Women Started The Body Positivity Movement, But White Women Corrupted It

What do we need for a new freedom?: A proudly fat, disabled, bisexual enby’s vision for #Juneteenth

Who is the Body Positivity Movement Leaving Behind?

Fatima Jamal’s New Documentary Celebrates Being Fat, Black, and Trans

Black Fat Women Matter Too          Follow up piece here 

Meet The Women Redefining The Body Positive Movement

The Daily Realities of Being Fat, Black, and Queer in Public Spaces

Fat, Black Women’s Bodies Are Under Attack. Why Did It Take a Thin White Man to Get Our Cries Heard?

Black Men Carving a Place in the Body Positive Movement

Insta-FAB! 10 Bold and Beautiful Body-Positive Influencers You Should be Following

These Black Be Body Positive Leaders are Changing the Game

8 Body-Positive Black Role Models to Follow on Instagram Right Now





One thought on “Celebrating Black Fat Activists

  1. Thanks for this excellent page of black body positive links. I just finished filling my Facebook page with likes for all of the body positive folks in the links above. Can’t wait to see and keep track of what they are all doing.

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