One thought on “Minnie Before and After

  1. That is ridiculous! Minnie Mouse is supposed to be a fun, friendly, warm creature that makes one laugh! That stick insect thing looks like a sinister character from Coraline! How can that capture any little one’s trust and imagination and anyone’s interest?
    Why should a sweet, lovable Disney character like Minnie have to wear some designer’s dress? It looks silly! She was perfect to start with!

    I’m all for everyone being comfortable with their natural body shape, and I am a strong strong anti-eating disorder supporter! The media is sneaky and subconsiously crawls into one’s head at every opportunity, so it is inevitable that the amount of eating disorders are sky-rocketing!

    I spent 12 years of my life fighting against my eating demons and now I make a daily choice to allow healthy choices and not strange voices into my head! So now I help fight other people’s food and weight demons! But things like this, really grate me!

    Leave lovable characters be! Create new ones if you want ones with certain characteristics and to evoke certain looks and styles! They will never reach the popularity levels that a trustable, known and adored character has!

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