We Did It!

Woo Hoo.  Had the first dance classes for bigger bodies today (very seriously need a better name).  It was a little bit rough which I expected – lots of people at lots of different levels.  The people who came were completely awesome and I definitely hope that they will come back.

I found myself getting emotional at various times in the class, just the idea that by sheer force of will the 21 of us had created a space full of body love and movement is completely amazing to me.  It’s like, for 2 hours, I got to step outside of a culture that does its best to make me hate my body each and every day, and step into a fantasy world where people with all different body shapes smile, and dance, and laugh.

Today was a great day in my life.

This message brought ot you by People for a Jackass Free Gym

This PSA brought to you by people for a jackass free gym


Ah it’s the New Year. Resolutions are made, some are already broken, and the gym is full of people who don’t know a free-weight from an elliptical machine. We call them the "New Year’s Resolutions" and it’s common knowledge that it will take 30 minutes to get a treadmill for the next two months and then, like the gym-locusts of last January, most of them will be gone. If you are one of these people, then I applaud you for taking steps to be healthier. That is awesome. I’m glad you are here.  If you also happen to be a big person, I’m SUPER glad you’re here because there aren’t enough of us.  Rock. On. 

That being said, kindly try not to be a complete Jackass.

Even if you’re doing the "Body for Life" program, you don’t need to get six sets of free weights at once. The words "Can I set in?" mean "Can I please use those weights that you aren’t using?" or "Can I please use that machine while you’re resting from your set?". The answer to this question is always yes.

Look around before you just start grabbing things and moving benches around. Think of it as a new job, you learn the office etiquette before you start playing your radio, trying to make coffee, taking breaks etc. (You do that, right?). It’s the same at the gym–figure out what’s appropriate before you re-arrange furniture like it’s “Trading Spaces–the Weight Room Addition”.

A piece of advice that could save your life: if you are going to take a group exercise class the teacher is glad that you are there. Many of the students are not. It’s neither your fault nor theirs. Stick around and you’ll become one of them. Regardless, in order not to get killed, hang out and wait for people to set up their spots. People have specific spots in the class where they like to be. They’ve earned the right to stand in that spot because they’ve been coming to the class for a long time. It’s just how it goes, and I know that it’s not entirely fair. Deal with it–it’s the culture of the gym. While I’m at it, look around the class and see how much space people are giving each other. Don’t set up your step 3 inches from someone else unless you want to tell your grandkids about the time you got kicked in the head in step class.

We’re glad that you’re here, stick around and become one of us or leave in late February with the drove of people never to be seen nor heard from again. But whether your stay with us is brief or extended, please don’t be a Jackass.

Thank you.